Getting Started

πŸŽ‰ Congratulations on starting your journey with Particular Audience!

In this guide we will walk you through what a typical integration looks like for a PA client.


The Particular Audience Recommendation API exposes a list of product references that represents the result of certain recommendation tactics. The lists are ordered from most relevant to least and integrators can use the product references to know which products to render.

To use the API, integrators must gather the websiteID and, depending upon the endpoints they wish to call, the customerID. These should be available from cookies set at the root domain. With these two values in hand, calling the recommendation endpoints is straight forward.

What does a typical integration look like?

The integration of PA’s technology into your website will be done over two phases:

  1. PA Tag Build Phase

  2. UI Implementation Phase

Phase I: PA Tag Build

Particular Audience will provide each client with a custom tracking tag - think of this as a fully managed custom Google Analytics tag. The PA Tag will track much of the same data that GA does however the type of data structure and information will be specific to PA. This includes events such as:

  • PageView

  • AddToCart

  • Checkout

  • Purchase

  • Generic metadata

As a part of our analytics suite we also track impressions, clicks and attribution of purchases of recommendations and search results.

πŸ§™ Tips: The PA Tag is completely GDPR compliant and we do not track any Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

Phase 2: UI Implementation Phase

After Phase I, you are able to start the UI build for either recommendations and/or search.

We require the PA Tag to be installed before the UI implementation as this allows enough data to pass through our ETL data pipelines to ensure high quality recommendations.

If you’re itching to get started prior to this, we encourage you to read our Quick Start guide that takes you from start to finish on building a recommendation UI using our API. The Quick Start guide uses dummy data from our sandbox API so you can get a feel for our API really quickly.

πŸ§™ Tips: You can start a sandbox project in 10 minutes with our Quick Start Guide

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