Getting Started

The Particular Audience (PA) platform will provide a Recommendation API to allow websites to render widgets within their own systems. The API may be customised for each website and Particular Audience


The Particular Audience Recommendation API exposes a list of product references that represents the result of certain recommendation tactics. The lists are ordered from most relevant to least and integrators can use the product references to know which products to render.

The Particular Audience Recommendation API does not support the full functionality of the Particular Audience platform as this requires complex configuration not suitable to be done externally. Integrators may have to apply further logic on the results to achieve the functionality they desire, such as de-duplication against other products on the same page.

To use the API, integrators must gather the websiteID and, depending upon the endpoints they wish to call, the customerID. These should be available from cookies set at the root domain. With these two values in hand, calling the recommendation endpoints is straight forward. This document will provide the details of the endpoints available.

Endpoint Workflow


  1. When a new user lands on the page, the PA JavaScript (JS) tag loads and fetches the user’s configuration from PA. This will return the CustomerId.

  2. Once the page loads and a CustomerId has been received, the JS tag will set the CustomerId into a cookie that is then subsequently passed to the server on each request.

  3. You are now able to use the CustomerId both client and server side to get recommendations.