Shopify Integration

Adding PA Tags for customers on Shopify platform

Integration steps:

1. In GTM, add new tag type Custom HTML 2. In HTML editor, paste provided tag 3. Choose Trigger: All Pages 4. Save, Submit and Publish the new version.

Given below is a demo tag for GTM integration:

<script>window.addPAC = function (c, e) { document.cookie = 'PAC=' + c + ';' + e + ';' }</script>
<script src="<your-shortcode>/t.js" defer></script>

Shopify Plus clients need to also specifically add our tag to the liquid file on checkout to have the tag work on checkout and purchase confirmation page. For merchants on Shopify Plus, the checkout process is rendered by the checkout.liquid file. Unlike theme.liquid, checkout.liquid is self-contained and does not render any additional template files.


Given below is an example tag used for Shopify Liquid integration. Please contact Sales for your specific tag.

<script>window.addPAC = function (c, e) { document.cookie = 'PAC=' + c + ';' + e + ';' }</script>
<script src="<example-shortcode>/t.js" defer></script>

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