Magento Integration
Adding PA Tags for customers on Magento platform

Steps for Magento Admin

    Access menu Content > Configuration
    Then look for the record which have an element that is loaded on every page (such as header, footer, Logo,...). In this sample we [Edit] the 3rd record
    As mentioned above, we will select the element that is loaded on every page to paste the Script (in this case we select the HTML Head)
    Paste the Script in the Scripts and Style Sheets
    Then Click [Save and Continue]
Given below is an example tag used for Magento integration. Please contact Sales for your specific tag.
<script>window.addPAC = function (c, e) { document.cookie = 'PAC=' + c + ';' + e + ';' }</script>
<script src="<your-shortcode>/t.js" defer></script>
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