Magento Integration

Adding PA Tags for customers on Magento platform

Steps for Magento Admin

  • Access menu Content > Configuration
  • Then look for the record which have an element that is loaded on every page (such as header, footer, Logo,...). In this sample we [Edit] the 3rd record
  • As mentioned above, we will select the element that is loaded on every page to paste the Script (in this case we select the HTML Head)
  • Paste the Script in the Scripts and Style Sheets
  • Then Click [Save and Continue]
Given below is an example tag used for Magento integration. Please contact Sales for your specific tag.
<script>window.addPAC = function (c, e) { document.cookie = 'PAC=' + c + ';' + e + ';' }</script>
<script src="https://cdn.particularaudience.com/js/<your-shortcode>/t.js" defer></script>